This document provides a conceptual view of Sipay Payment Integration as well as to aid merchants and developers to better understand the working mechanism of the payment system.


The purpose of this document is to guide merchants to integrate Sipay payment system on their website in order to process payment with various payment options.


The scope of the integration between merchant applications and Sipay payment system cover the functional requirement for the payment integration requirement.

Access URL's

The following access URLs will be used based on environment.

Environment URL Format
Test Server
Live Server

Test Merchant Info

Merchant KEY : $2y$10$HmRgYosneqcwHj.UH7upGuyCZqpQ1ITgSMj9Vvxn.t6f.Vdf2SQFO

APP KEY : 6d4a7e9374a76c15260fcc75e315b0b9

APP SECRET : b46a67571aa1e7ef5641dc3fa6f1712a

Merchant ID : 18309

Test Credit Card Info

Card Number (Visa) : 4508034508034509

Card Number (Master Card) : 5406675406675403

Expiration Date : 12/26

Security Number : 000

Card 3D Secure Password : a

Currency Test Credit Card Information

Card Number : 5440931443094530

Expiration Date : 12/23

CVV : 000

Card 3D Secure Password : a

Merchant Information to Try in a Test Environment with Real Card

Merchant KEY : $2y$10$0X.RKmBNjKHg7vfJ8N46j.Zq.AU6vBVASro7AGGkaffB4mrdaV4mO

APP KEY : 077faac7dba364b3f058193de9fea2e6

APP SECRET : bb18138fbd6fe9a2512e8933e6f37a01

Merchant ID : 78640